Exposed to Cyber Attacks on Irish Health System

Exposed to Cyber Attacks on Irish Health System

Exposed to Cyber Attacks on Irish Health System – unexpectedly, the health system in Ireland was exposed to cyber, I don’t know what was being targeted by the cyber so that it had a commotion in the public.

The cyber attack has apparently targeted the healthcare system in Ireland resulting in the downfall of the IT system. Even with this sophisticated cyber attack, the perpetrators asked for a large ransom to restore the health care system in Ireland.

rupannya This cyberattack incident occurred in several other European countries, such as England, Finland, France. In fact, this incident coincided with a cyber attack on the oil pipeline system in the US.

The current attack is a type of ransomware that uses software designed to block access to computer systems. Then the hacker asks for a ransom, which is generally in the form of cryptocurrency in order to restore access,

In addition to attacking the Irish health system, it also attacked. One of the oldest maternal and child hospitals in the world and the busiest in Europe was forced to not accept patients on that day, except for mothers who were 36 weeks pregnant and over or had urgent appointments.

Cyber groaning on the healthcare system has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic one year ago. One of the most popular criminals is control of servers, theft of personal data, and then hackers force the target to pay a ransom.