lower cholesterol with oregano oil

lower cholesterol with oregano oil

lower cholesterol with oregano oil – cholesterol that is already very high, maybe only to the doctor, but we are definitely looking for an easier way and do not cost a lot of money, so use organic materials.

Oregano is an herbal plant that is often used as a cooking spice or food flavoring in a variety of Indian, Italian and Greek dishes. This spice has long been known as a medicinal ingredient since the Roman and Ancient Greek civilizations. Usually oregano is processed into oil by extracting the leaves and shoots of the plant. Oregano has antioxidant properties from rosmarinic acid, antimicrobial, and phenolic compounds (carvacrol), terpenoids, and terpenes. Some of the compounds that underlie oregano oil are used as treatment.

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Carvacrol in oregano is considered effective against bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This one bacteria can make a person experience skin infections and food poisoning. Oregano oil is also known to be antifungal or antifungal due to its high thymol content.

Candida fungi are known to cause several types of infections, such as oral thrush, yeast infections, infections of the fingernails or toes, and tinea pedis or ringworm. but this oil has also been found to inhibit lung cancer and prostate cancer cells. But oregano oil is still not a cure for cancer or other diseases.

Even though oregano oil is good for health, its consumption should still be guided by a health practitioner. This is important to note because there are dangerous side effects if you use it carelessly.