The Great Benefits of Using Warm Water


The Great Benefits of Using Warm Water – As often as we do activities that are tiring and struggle with a lot of work, cleaning ourselves with a warm bath becomes a relaxing activity. A warm bath is not only useful for dealing with a cold shower in the morning, but can also relieve certain complaints and even be good for mental health. Warm water is often used to compress a painful or sore body part, such as the stomach or back. In addition to compressing warm water, you can also take a shower or bath with warm water to relieve these complaints.

Not only that, the benefits of a warm bath can also improve blood circulation. When the skin comes into contact with warm water, the body will release endorphins, which are chemicals that can make you feel comfortable and happy. This is why you will feel more relaxed after a warm bath.

Benefits of a warm bath

In Japan, there are public hot springs (sento) that people usually visit after work. There, sento is considered to be able to cleanse the body as well as the mind.
In Indonesia, there may not be many hot springs that can be visited every day.
However, you can feel a warm bath at home alone. Generally, in Indonesia usually take a shower in the morning using warm water. What are the benefits of a warm bath?

Has a therapeutic effect
According to dr. Bobby Buka, a dermatologist from New York, United States, you can feel the benefits of bathing with warm water for health because the skin is able to release endorphins when moistened with warm water.
Therefore, a warm bath can provide a therapeutic and refreshing effect because blood flow to the skin is increased.
To get this sensation, you can also mix it with salt. In addition, increased body temperature makes neuron cells more sensitive and makes the heart rate increase. So, the benefits of a warm bath mixed with salt make the body feel fresh.

Provides a Relaxing Effect
A study at the Mayo Clinic states that warm water can cause the heart to work faster to pump blood to the surface of the body so that heat can be removed. This causes the blood vessels to dilate (expansion) thereby reducing the resistance to flow of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. The flow of blood vessels to the muscles can also help relax the muscles.

Overcoming constipation
Constipation or constipation is a condition when bowel movements are irregular, making it difficult to defecate for a long period of time. Bathing or bathing with warm water mixed with Epsom salts is believed to be one way to overcome this.

Relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids can occur inside the rectum or outside the anal canal. This condition is caused by the presence of swollen and inflamed blood vessels in the area.

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A person affected by hemorrhoids will usually feel uncomfortable due to itching or bleeding from the anus. Taking a warm bath can at least be one way to relieve discomfort and itching.

Relieves pain due to prostatitis
The prostate gland produces fluid that transports and nourishes sperm. Inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland is known as prostatitis. This condition can cause pain and make it difficult for a person to urinate.

Prostatitis is a condition that requires medical attention. However, a warm bath is also beneficial for prostatitis sufferers to relieve pain complaints.

Overcoming itching after the episiotomy procedure
Some deliveries require an episiotomy, which is an incision in the perineum to widen the exit for the baby. The perineum is the area between the vulva or the external genitalia and the anal canal.
In order not to get infected, the incision in the perineum must be kept clean. Episiotomy wound care begins shortly after delivery.

Taking a warm bath accompanied by soaking the buttocks, especially the perineum, can clean the episiotomy wound and is also useful for relieving itching or pain around the perineum.

Overcome skin irritation
For owners of itchy and irritated skin, bathing or bathing in warm water mixed with special oatmeal powder can keep the skin moist and reduce skin irritation. The effect of a warm bath can also relieve inflammation of the skin.

Improve sleep quality
The benefits of taking a warm bath after staying up late actually make you more sleepy. A study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews found that taking a warm bath 90 minutes before bedtime makes you fall asleep faster.
Research also shows that the benefits of a warm bath can improve the quality of your sleep.
Because, the core body temperature will increase, when you are soaking or soaked in warm water. You can also apply this when you stay up late or suffer from insomnia
Then, when you get out of the shower, your body temperature will signal that your body is ready for bed. This can make your sleep quality better, and of course, sleep faster.

Burn calories
In one study, a warm bath has been shown to burn calories. The researchers asked 10 men to take a warm bath and bath.
The result, the respondents experienced burning 126 calories per hour. This amount can usually only be reached when you walk about 25-30 minutes.
In the same study, there was a conclusion that the benefits of a warm bath can also avoid spikes in blood sugar after eating.

Relieve pain in the body
Soaking in warm water can reduce pain in the body. There are studies that show cases in people with Ehlers-Danlos disease. This disease makes the sufferer’s body very “fragile”.
The study proves, taking a warm bath can relax the muscles of the body of Ehlers-Danlos sufferers.
So, pain in the body can be relieved. No need to worry, the benefits of taking a warm bath at night can be felt by people in general